Protect and monitor your IoT security

Analyze your platform code and guarantee the security of your service

Why BubbleWall?

It is a fast and reliable service to be able to analyze for the possible vulnerabilities of your platform, offering you corrective bubbles to increase the security of your IoT tool.

What benefits does it bring me?

To develop code be cleaner and safer. Dedicated reports to track application security against categories of the OWASP and SANS.

Full analysis

Bubblewall fits with your existing tools and simply raises a hand when the quality or security of your codebase is impaired.

Quality certification of your code

We will perform an analysis of the code and obtain a certification of it. We detect security errors and help you to solve them.

Code reparation

Shortens the Security Vulnerability feedback loop and helps you fix security holes with one click



Bubllewall project ends

We concluded this last phase with the completion of the Bubblewall project.

After 2 years of intense work by our team, today the latest version of the project has been …

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Second iteration of optimization and predictive algorithms completed.

Bubblewall is progressing at a good pace and begins to face its final stretch with major goals already accomplished.

We have finished the integration of the new version of the …

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Bubblewall adds a new programming language with very good results

We keep improving Bubblewall! Our project adds a new programming language, namely Javascript-Typescript, to its catalog of languages to fix issues. This is getting very good results. 


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The phase of analysis and work with Artificial Intelligence starts

Our Bubblewall team continues working and advancing in order to get the quality of software based on innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and a revolutionary concept of 'smart bubble'. …

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Our Bubblewall team carries out a demo on a first version of the platform

Recently, our Bubblewall team carried out a demo on a first version of the platform before members of the Neo research team at the University of Malaga (UMA).


During …

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About us

Emergya is a global Information Technology (IT) services company, created in 2003 specialized in the study, design and development of software applications and technological platforms

Partners and early adopters

Bubble Wall is an open and collaborative project. We are seeking for early adopters who would like to try the product with us

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