Our Bubblewall team carries out a demo on a first version of the platform

Recently, our Bubblewall team carried out a demo on a first version of the platform before members of the Neo research team at the University of Malaga (UMA).


During the demo, the operation and behavior of the platform were taught. Specifically, it was shown how the platform carried out an analysis, detecting errors in the code and making proposals and improvements to code. Once these proposals were approved by the user, they were applied for cleaning and improvement.


“We are very satisfied with how the platform is working and the feedback we are receiving is very positive and enriching. Little by little we are seeing how objectives are successfully completed. In a project like this, more abstract than average, this is an injection of motivation for the team. In addition, colleagues from the UMA provide us with knowledge and propose new ways of improvement and development that are adding value to the product" said the team. 


The next steps for our team will be to work on the module in charge of project security certification, and a second iteration of the AI ​​that applies dynamic security analysis processes to projects. “We are going to define a standard based on which the security of the analyzed and repaired software will be classified. In this way, a user will be able to measure the improvement that our platform provides and also obtain the certification that accredits the level obtained after the repair" explained the team. In addition, it is going to improve the dynamic analysis system to evaluate the behavior of running software, incorporating predictive capabilities based on learning from previous analyzes.


It should be remembered that Bubblewall guarantees the improvement in the quality of the software through Artificial Intelligence and a new concept of ‘smart bubble’.